Moving home can be stressful, time consuming and expensive but it doesn’t have to be. At No Savings we help a lot of people find their first home, and as a result we get a lot of questions about moving!

We have shared some tips you need to know if you’re about to move home:

1. Get rid of belongings you no longer want or need

Sell your unwanted clothing, electronics and furniture online. This will ensure your new house isn’t cluttered, will save you money as the removalists will have less to move and of course; actually make you money. Anything that can’t be sold can be donated to charity.

2. Do as much as you can before the removalist arrives

Dismantle large pieces and package and label as much as you can before they get there. This way when they arrive all they have to do is move your things from one house to another. It’s best to start this at least three weeks before the removalists arrive, factoring in work and family commitments.

3. Use pre-used cardboard boxes for packing

Ask around to sources boxes for you to store your possessions in whilst you are moving.Your local grocery store may be happy to give you any boxes that otherwise would have been thrown out.

4. Get your friends or family to help

Ask your friends to help you pack up and move everything to your new home. If everyone brings their own car and assists in transporting your goods then the move shouldn’t take long at all.

5. Compare removalists online

Do your research before deciding which removalist to go with and don’t be afraid to negotiate to see if you can get a better deal. Thankfully there are websites dedicated to helping you try and find a removalist that suits your needs and budget, so this should be a relatively fast process.

6. Be safe

In the rush of trying to pack everything quickly many new homeowners can forget the importance of safety and the serious costs that can be involved when you become careless. Keep your pets and small children out of the way and make sure to use proper lifting techniques. Being unsafe could result in injury or property damage so take a breath and make sure you aren’t putting yourself, or anyone else at risk.

7. Move at an off-time

If you are able to; move in the middle of the month as some removalists can charge more around the beginning and end of the month when more leases are likely to be up.

8. Switch your wrapping material

When it comes to protecting your belongings, butcher paper and newspaper is much cheaper than bubble wrap. It is also better for the environment as bubble wrap is difficult to recycle.

Owning your own home means stability which equates to less moving around and less hassle. Phone the No Savings team on (08) 9202 9202 or email today.